Monday, May 21, 2012

= Good Times

Karen + Tom Thumb = Good Times!

Karen asked if I wanted to run to Tom Thumb with her at lunch, ha-shizzle! I do not pass-up an opportunity to experience TT with KG... cause there is gonna be some shizzle happening.

Stacy came along too.  I was a little hyper on the drive over. "Little" might be an understatement.  I am stressed to the max (although God keeps giving me new "max" to reach) anywho, I wasn't fit company for anyone who doesn't find my bizarreness amusing.

Fortunately for me, these two cuties seem to find me amusing... 
although Karen did ask if I had taken my meds today. (Yes)

Note that Karen's car has been strategically placed in the back of the lot with no other cars around her. 

This is mainly because of the time that a freak-of-nature-hyped-up-on-steroids man waited in his car to blame Karen on a "door ding." When one of us (can't remember who) tried the lick-the-thumb-and-wipe-the-mark-away test he FREAKED OUT!  It was actually very amusing.  He called the police but since we hadn't fled the scene of the "crime" they said "no" police weren't necessary.  We kinda wish they would have come.  Cause most police officers love the company we work for and for-shizzle they would have given this psycho a lecture

She's also had a dead battery and a flat tire in this parking lot.  I think she was verbally assaulted by an old Chinese woman too...

So you can see why this trip had high expectations.

Unfortunately... except for a watermelon almost falling the trip was uneventful.  I did buy some tastykakes though.  Buy one get one free.  The Stephanie Plum in me can't pass them by.

After Tom Thumb we drove through Wendy's.  The drive through wraps around the building twice.  So you have to get in the outside lane and work your way around and around to the window.  But there was a line-cutter.  I begged Stacy to go tell them that they were cutting-in-line but she wouldn't.  I asked Karen to honk obnoxiously, but she wouldn't.  

It is a little amusing how many drinks three women ordered... 6, but you can only see five.  We had to bust a u-y on the way back to the office, there might have been some excitement there but Stacy is too coordinated. Sigh.

These are some gooooooood Tastykakes.  Chocolate cake on the inside, then marshmallow, then an outer chocolate shell.

Plus, it made a smiley face.


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