Friday, May 25, 2012

Gamma Rays

This morning I was working with three men in the studio.  Normally they demonstrate, to varying degrees :), a calm and professional demeanor... but today we worked with "prototype" equipment.

Apparently "prototype" equipment triggers an excess of testosterone. Three men. Multiple pieces to assemble. Talking at the same time. With opposite theories and solutions.

I decided to stand back and bang my head against the wall. The testosterone was turning into gamma-rays... and I'm pretty sure when I wake up tomorrow I will have developed a superpower while in REM.

While I was watching this circus act I wondered what power I would most like to develop. It seems I am selfish. Instead of something that would make me a superHERO and a national treasure... I think I would like to have teleportaion... including anything I'm physically touching. No hour commute twice a day. Lunch with my girlies. Vacation spots! Think of the time and money I would be saving!

Of coarse, I'll have to keep this a secret when I wake up in the morning...

"Kathleen, can you drop my family at Disney? Pick us up at 10pm (EST)?"
"Kathleen, can you pick me up on the way to work?"

See, selfish...


  1. I wouldn't mind being able to become invisible. Imagine the secrets you could overhear that way and the money you could make in extortion and blackmail.

  2. I've thought about this same thing before and teleportation is always right near the top of the list. The ability to stop time for everyone else is also up there, or possibly being able to go back in time to fix bad decisions.