Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kate, Hank, MIB

I woke up cuddled with my littlest girlie.  Honey was at a friends house and Hubby was at work.  Just me and my baby.  She has agreed to stay my baby forever. 

We headed over to my sister's to visit Kate and Hank. Caitlin agreed to this trip after I PROMISED that she would not have to hold, touch, talk-to, or take a picture with the baby. It is so funny.  My kids freeze around babies. There is no "oh, so cute!" It's complete deer-in-the-headlights!

I think it is my fault.  When my third girlie, Eleanor, was born and we went to the hospital to meet her I might have... threatened them a little. You know. Don't be loud. No running. No playing. All the things you tell a 6- and 2-year-old before going into a hospital. But I must have over-done it.

Anyway, I hope they get over it. I really want grandgirlies in 15 years.

I won't lie.  It is my goal to become Kate's favorite.  I even let her play with my lipstick.

She. Is. A.dor.a.ble!

That is some fancy lipstick!

My sisters get major kudos for not giving me any crap while I played make-up with Kate. When my girlies were little I was so strict and mean about make-up and nail polish. If they even pretended with my girls I flipped out. I'm older and wiser now.

I did pay a little attention to Henry too.

But honestly, my main man isn't very interesting yet. He chilled the whole time... 
he's gonna be a heartbreaker!

I'm trying really hard to get out more. Get over myself already. Get over my issues. So when Hubby proposed dinner and a movie I said yes.

Dinner at Genghis Grill and then Men in Black 3.

Caitlin was too distracted to look at the camera. She has a beautiful profile.

Honey is so beautiful.

Hubby... is a wise guy. Always trying to be funny. We coordinated while he was buying tickets to laugh at everything he said. It was hi-larious! The girlies did a perfect job. This is totally a game we'll play again. Hubby wanted us to admit that sometimes we were laughing for real. (We will never admit that.)

Okay, MIB3 was awesome! My favorite one for sure.  I think if you saw this movie without seeing the first one it wouldn't be as funny... but it would still be fun.

Caitlin just walked in with a home-made MIB costume. She even created a Neuralyzer and she's about to erase my mem...

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