Sunday, May 20, 2012


Caitlin bought (with her own money) the Irish warrior Merida.

We were cuddled up on the bed with Merida admiring her beauty and her bow.

Caitlin said she loved how different she is from her other barbies... Freckles! And she wished she could have blue eyes too.

No, Caitlin is too beautiful to change anything... But I would love to have Merida's hair.

What about her freckles? Caitlin wants to know. I love her freckles and your freckles too, but I have way more than both of you. Angel kisses.

You don't have any freckles mommy!


We investigated closely... Even asked hubby to come look. Has my face merged into one big freckle... That no one can see anymore?

Well, we are glad Caitlin still has hers. And I'm covered on my arm and shoulders... I'll miss my face freckles now that I know they are gone :(

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