Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speed Dating

I thought speed dating was a way to meet a lot of single people in one evening...

... or it's a 35 minute date with my husband!

Michael has tomorrow off so we were so excited to go on a date.  We though it would be OK to leave the girlies home for a couple of hours since we would only be 5 minutes away... and we're old... we're talking about the 5:30 matinee and then dinner.

From my front door and back... we were gone 35 minutes.

We decided to see Contagion because who doesn't like a world-coming-to-end movie? Popcorn, yes. Drinks, yes.

The phone buzzed (I keep it in my bra) just as the second trailer was starting. Sigh.  This better be good. Siobain was going to get in big trouble if this was a "can I turn the channel" kind of question.

There was sobbing in the background. Something about Caitlin drinking too much water and she couldn't stop going to the bathroom. Sounds like an excuse to get mommy and daddy home, maybe too soon to leave them home alone.

We got our money back and drove home. As we were pulling into the driveway my phone buzzes again.

"We're fine Mommy, she's calm now... you should stay and enjoy your movie." Siobian

It's not about quantity it's about quality time.
So we are going to call our 35 minutes HIGH quality!

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