Monday, September 26, 2011


So... I could hear screaming and laughter as I was walking up to the door this evening.  I thought "what a happy house."

Then I opened the door as a yellow ball bounced against a wall and I... made the house a less happy place. Really? My two girlies and the hubby were playing dodgeball in my LIVING ROOM.  Lamps, piano, belleek, crystal... REALLY?

The game moved outside and the target was hubby.  He needed to be punished.

Round One
Dodged honey's orange ball but Caitlin makes a solid hit with the yellow one.

Round Two
One-two no balls dodged! Solid hits from both my girlies.
Take a look at honey's dodge-ball attitude.

Round Three
Wham! Orange ball to the head!

I think hubby has been properly schooled about dodgeball in the house!

Who's yo mama!

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