Monday, September 5, 2011

Bonus - Gorgeous!

"Oh my gosh! Gorgeous, you are going to look gorgeous!" - Princess Eleanor

My girlies only have one grandparent.  Fortunately she is the best grandparent one could ask for.  Even my girlies Eleanor, Mia, and Kate, who are lucky enough to have 3 fantastic grandparents each, only have one Gorgeous!

I hope I am half the grandma that Gorgeous is.

She is beautiful.
She is kind.
She is smart.
She is love.
She is ladylike.
She is... everything.

And all her grandgirlies know it.

"Let's dress Gorgeous up!"

Gorgeous didn't flinch as the eye liner was going on...

Two attendants to apply concealer... oh the pampering!

Such attention and concentration to the brows.

We must not neglect the jewels... the more the better.

The girlies are tickled and so proud.
Gorgeous is their Gorgeous and she IS gorgeous!

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