Saturday, September 17, 2011

King Gas History

We had a funny day today.

First there was homework in the morning.  When hubby got home he was a little irritated, apparently people park their brains before entering the airport.  He felt a little better after we laughed at his stories.  Even the girls got a kick out of them...

1st... some lady accused him of looking at her breasts.  That's like one small part of the story... but it's the BEST part.

2nd... someone tried to fly with a swiss army knife... and hubby almost got knifed in the thigh when it was dropped with the knife extended (all by accident.)

3rd... some moron couple x-rayed their dog.  For real.  Put it through the machine. I would have taken the dog away from them because they are obviously too stupid to own a pet.

He was in a better mood after he made us laugh.  We decided to go see The Lion King, but in 2D because we are not big fans of 3D... not enough bang for the buck.

We all really enjoyed the movie on the big screen.  I always love the music.  I couldn't understand why the girlies were giggling so often... until I found out that every time Mufasa would talk hubby whispered "cooooohhhh paaaaahhh," that's Darth Vader breathing....

After the movie I wanted to go visit Gorgeous and go to Half-price bookstore.... but honey so much homework we didn't have time to do both.  We'll see Gorgeous tomorrow so we decided to hit the book store.

Somethin' 'bout those 2nd hand books... I had the WORST onset of gas ever.  There was no dog to blame it on either.  Everyone has gas.  I know. But I prefer to blame it on others... the girlies laughed at me as I made a mad dash for the ladies room.  Fireworks popping in my wake...

Honey was getting anxious, not because of my gas issue, but because she has so much homework!  She has scheduled her time and to keep on schedule she had to finish 2 portions of her history project tonight.

She is such a good girl!  I'm so proud of her!

Caitlin.... well, 3rd grade doesn't have the same pressures...

Caitlin re-enacting a Lion King dance.

Caitlin's lion roar on pride rock.

We were going to have pasta for dinner.  Hubby went and picked it up from a place down the street.  For honey we had asked for the aflredo on the side... it soaked the bag and when hubby went to take it out of the car we had pasta everywhere.  Not a good end to his day.

So now I don't know what we are having for dindin... but we'll eat something :)

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