Monday, September 5, 2011

The Princess Girlies

I was amongst royalty today.  So exciting.

I missed mass yesterday so we went today.  It was so busy! More people than usual. (But there were still only about 30, so I was comfortable.)

I avoided parking near the fire hydrant since I ran into a few weeks ago.  So imagine my surprise when I hit something AGAIN while backing out... a tree.  I've no luck parking at the monastery.

On the way to pick Gorgeous up for breakfast Caitlin asked if Eleanor was going to be there.  She always asks.  I let her know that she would not be there.

But surprise of all surprises... Eleanor WAS at Gorgeous' tree house! And all the girlies turned into princesses.

Here come the beautiful princesses. Rapunzel Eleanor and Belle Caitlin.

We welcome you to our treehouse kingdom, where princesses can do anything.

The royal pose.

A break for tea.

Cheers to the little people.

The Royal wave.

Princess Mia joins the ladies for another pose.

Princess Siobain... has gone into retirement... but she'll always be a princess to me.

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