Monday, September 19, 2011


Missed post note... need to get a new power cord for my computer. My mac died before I could post yesterday.  I could have used Siobain's pc notebook... but then I would have had to go buy a wig after pulling all my hair out.  I did use her computer a couple times this weekend... but had to ask for so much help I decided I couldn't do anything beyond checking the movie times...

Anywho... It is late September and the big projects are rolling in.  Caitlin is currently working on a BioPoem. She is having so much fun. She's already completed the eleven line poem and is now working on the "frame" that the poem with be put into... a mini-me!

Caitlin's mini-me in progress...

Little miss Siobain... I wonder if I will ever see her beautiful face again.  It's been buried in a book since school started.  Her current project is for Texas History...

She does NOT have time to smile and take pictures.  I shouldn't torture her... I should just let her work... but it's not in my nature.

She missed school today.  The doctor says she can return tomorrow. She's not feeling any better but she doesn't want to get behind.  Four pre-AP classes pile up quickly... but she's a planner and a doer... not a procrastinator like me :)

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