Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Caitlin is working on a poster about herself for religious class. Right now it's a work in progress...

At first she wanted to do all Hermoine pictures... Because that is what she loves RIGHT NOW.  I suggested that she share other things about herself too, like her family...

"OK" and off she started.  I haven't interfered beyond that suggestion. I tend to want to "control" the girls' projects a bit.  Suggesting layouts and photos and words. But Caitlin knows what she wants to put on her board.  She has a definite sense of her"self".  I am proud of that and she is proud of her board (in progress.)

I envy her knowledge of self.  I've lost mine along the way. I don't know "me" anymore. There are too may "truths" that contradict. I'm learning that some things that I have come to believe true are just safety mechanisms I've created to survive. Facing those false truths is hard and they are painful to undo.  

I've found two things that are my truth anchors: I love my family and I believe in God... the rest I'm still working on. 

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  1. Those are the two most important things...loving God and others.