Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ten "little" piggies...

I've worked almost 30 hours already this week and decided to take my piggies for a paint job. I'm not a fan of my feet.  Daddy used to call them gumboots because they are so big.  I like closed shoes, toe to heal, and don't wear flippy-flops very often... pretty much just when I get a paint job.

I bought a new pair last week, men's size 11-12, none of the lady's sizes ever fit and since they aren't for fashion men's work just fine.

I didn't have my first pedicure until I was 24 or 25... but boy are they a treat now.  Yes, I'll pay you to wash, rub, and paint my feet! (Just every once in awhile.)

Today I walked in with my never-worn-before men's flippy-flops and signed in for a de-luxe pedicure. Fancy!

"Please select a color from our wall" says the young man.

My piggies said "yippie" as I turned to walk toward the polish collection and...


That's right.  Legs sticking out straight in front of me. The tile did not like my cheap, ugly, size 11-12, men's flippy-flops.

I'll admit it, a few drops of pee were squeezed out by the force of my ass hitting the floor. Happened so fast I never even put my hands down to catch myself.

I could feel my earrings swinging back and forth like a carnival ride (appropriate for the carnival show I was putting on!)

I imagine the young man thinking "Shit! Fat lady on the floor! Fat lady on the floor!" but he just showed concern and asked if I was alright. I laughed and waved the gathering crowd away.

After the paint job my piggies ran all the way home!

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