Monday, June 25, 2012


I'm so sad that I am not going to be able to do this story justice, but I'll try.

Karen, Stacy and I had plans for lunch today. I always have a good time with the girls. Karen brought her lunch (I really need to start doing that too) but Stacy and I needed to purchase lunch so Karen came for the ride.

We limited our choices to drive thrus since we wanted to go back to the office to dine with Karen.

The Wendy's by the office is always crazy-busy but that's what we decided on. Plus they are very accommodating with multiple orders in one car.

Stacy pulled up to the order speaker and started placing our orders, three in all because Karen decided to get a side salad... It took us a while to order, we were THAT car. As Stacy was confirming the orders the sprinklers sputtered on, hi-lariously hitting Stacy in the face as she frantically tried to talk into the speaker and roll the window up at the same time.

I was having my own little giggle-fest in the backseat. And then...

Stacy pulled around to the first window to pay. Karen's transaction went smoothly but when Stacy reached to hand the cashier my card it flipped out of her hand and disappeared.

"It's under the car" the bored cashier told Stacy.

There was some conversation about how far under the car it was. Could Stacy reach it? Did we need to pull forward?

The cashier just kept repeating "it's under the car" as the line behind us became longer.

Stacy opened her door to take a look. There was just enough room between the building and the car for Stacy to stand. She bent at the waste to check out the situation... did I mention she was wearing a dress?

Karen started laughing and said "woa, nice panties!"

This cracked everyone up including the bored cashier.

Then... Stacy disappeared from view, lying down on the ground to reach my card.

We pretty much lost all decorum after that. Well, I did anyway. Yes, snorting soda out of your nose while laughing does sting as much as you remember.

Stacy is such a good sport, afer work she reenacted the scene for me.

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