Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Soda Pop

They changed the cost of soda in the machine again...

I brought 1 dollar bill and 3 dimes for my soda purchase. Slid in my bill and plopped each dime in. I should get a bottled beverage and a nickel back.

Nothing happened when I pushed the button (five times, I'm kinda slow sometimes.) Finally I realized I was 20 cents short! Fine, just give me my money back and we'll part ways. No harm no foul.

FOUL! It would not give me my money! And I will not let this machine keep it.

Fortunately Karen was at her desk when I called from my cell phone... I couldn't leave my $1.30, I didn't trust the machine.

She was laughing at me when she brought me 20 cents.

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