Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Locked Out

It's been a crazy busy day.

At the "end" of it I shut off my office lamps and reached for my bag.

Then I searched for my bag.

Then I remembered I left my bag in Karen's car at lunch.

Hubby had to drive all the way to the office with the spare car key, and he was so nice about it.

I headed home and hubby headed to pick up the girlies.

As I was waiting at the last stop light before home I realized I didn't have a house key.

Hubby won't be home for another 90 minutes. In the meantime I'm relaxing in the minivan, with the doors open, listening to the social life in our tree.

My view, sideways 'cause I've reclined the seat :)

1 comment:

  1. Are the social animals "tweeting?"

    For fun, you could have "broken in" to your own house as if you were a burglar and then written a blog about it.

    Ah, well, maybe the next time you forget your house key you can, right?