Friday, June 8, 2012

Damn Key

I was excited to pull into the parking lot 20 minutes early today! I can leave early and beat a little traffic on the way home, TGIF!

I put the car in park, paused my audio book, and (tried) to turn the car off.

The key won't budge. It's stuck... For reals! I'm stuck in the minivan with the engine running.

Normal people run out of gas or get a flat tire or their battery dies. Their car STOPS for some reason.

My car won't stop. Ha-shizzle!

After wiggling the key every way possible and trying several different parking spots (just incase) I was frustrated to the point of tears.

I called Kia to get some help. After speaking to three people I was dumped into voicemail.

That's when the tears really started flowing.

I was balling like a baby when I called my boss. He laughed at me... And then said he'd meet me at my car.

Then Billy-Bob from Kia called and talked me through getting un-stuck.

1. Put car in neutral and turn the key to ACC
2. Put the car in reverse and turn the key to OFF
3. Put the car in park and pull the key out.

Ha-shizzle! Finally! Took twenty minutes to turn off the car!

Billy-Bob was so sweet and concerned that I must be in a bad part of town 'cause I was still crying... I confessed that I was in my office parking lot... Awkward! But he'll have a story to tell.

Apparently I have to have something fixed with my breaks, I'll leave that to Hubby.

Damn key!

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  1. At least he called you back :-(