Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vitamin D

We had a spring break plan! I was going to work in the mornings and play in the afternoon.  We'd have lots of family time together... And then the virus arrived.  No working and no playing, just... coughing and sleeping.

I missed the museum and the movie... but today I didn't miss the park. Joanne had suggested I go outside and get some vitamin D and I realized I can be with my family AND lay down.

We packed up a blanket and headed to the park.  BTW, a nerf football makes a great pillow.  I was so relaxed and happy.  Yes, I was still coughing and my eyes were closed and I was a crazy lady slumbering in the park, but I could hear my kiddos laughing. I could hear all the birds, and the dogs, and feel the breeze.

I could feel the sun on my face and arms. The fresh air... and my kiddos laughing.

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