Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Compare to Poise"

It's my birthday!!!

I l-o-v-e my birthday. I love adding another year to my age, I'm hypothetically wiser. Unlike many of my friends I didn't stop counting at 29... And today I am so excited to be 39 (weeeeeee)!

As the oldest child, it's my mom that might feel old... Her baby is... 39!

I have found today to be humorous. I'm sick, again, and I don't think they know what's wrong with me. I can't stop coughing, this is much more frustrating than you might think... I'm coughing with such violence that I've started peeing my pants. So for my 39th birthday I went out and treated myself to bladder control pads, they are really quite comfortable and have elastic-y sides that make the pad curve nicely.

I also had my chest and HEAD x-rayed, well, my sinuses, but now I can say "yes, I've head my head examined" and show them a picture whenever someone makes a joke about my mental state... Totally cool!

I sent the photo to my mom and sisters but they were too concerned about my health to find the humor in the situation. Which is sweet... But come on! This shiz is funny! I turned 39 and started wearing diapers! AND as an extra treat had my head examined.

We're about to have cake and I'll chase that with steroids, "z-pack", cough "pearls", and an albuterol breathing treatment... Then bed!

It's been a great birthday, I am so blessed.

Kisses to everyone.

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