Monday, March 11, 2013

Hubby's New Toy

I slept alllll day! Very few coughs, until I called hubby at 5:3o to see where they'd wondered. Then I started coughing. So my goal is to say as little as possible at work tomorrow, might even put up a sign :)

Hubby bought his first iPhone today. It's actually his first i-anything other than the computer. He's used a hand-me-down shuffle to listen to his music...

So to say he's adorable with his new toy is an understatement. I'm so excited for him. My first priority was to set him up with Find Friends... For two reasons, I can completely stalk him and I can always be found (which give me a sense of security.)

And then of coarse I FaceTimed him... bedroom to kitchen, the two corners of our house... We where in stereo since we could hear each other on the phone and down the hall.

The girlies have been helping him figure the phone out and he randomly ushers a "cooool." We've tried not to make fun of him too much, but it's kinda funny.

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