Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Amy's Baby

My lunch buddies are Karen, Stacy, and Amy.

Amy also happens to be my sister's best friend.

Amy is prego. Expecting. With child. In the family way. Eating for two. Knocked up.

I've known for a week... since my sister knew, I got to know. I've kept this secret, since it wasn't my exciting news to share.

Amy was going to send us a photo of her daughter wearing a "Big Sister" shirt from their disney vacation... the email never came. So today I was pressuring Amy to spill the beans to Stacy and Karen 'cause I was really excited and well, I wanted them to get to be excited too.

Meanwhile... in my awkward world... I had sent an email to same said lunch buddies "subject: who missed me?" because it was my first day back as a living member of society.  I have been sick since March 4th!! And I wanted... well, attention and love. There, I admit it. I was begging for attention.

Back to Amy's baby... I suggested that it would be funny if Amy replied back to my "who missed me?" email with the sonogram and a thought bubble "I miss Kathleen..."

Before Amy could reply "yes, that would be hilarious" I decided I could just make it for her...

Which is WHY Amy's sonogram was up on my computer screen.
Which is WHY Amy's sonogram was up on my computer screen WHEN Kelly walked into my office.

Kelly must have some crazy-sonogram-reading-radar because within 2 seconds she asked "Is Amy pregnant?"

Ummmm.... "I. am. in. so. much. trouble." is all I could think as I LIED and said "uh, no... I'm um, just playing a joke." (worst lier ever)

Kelly was really nice and went along with my lie...

So busted. Busted in the worst way. Fortunately Amy finds my awkward life amusing, even when it leaks into her life.

Note to all my friends... make sure I'm the last one to know, it's safer that way.

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