Tuesday, March 5, 2013


As Hubby was headed out to catch a late movie we discussed finances and he said, with some glee "looks like I'm getting popcorn!"

I went to sleep.

This morning was normal... little small talk, Caitlin's going to be late if she doesn't turn off the tv, have a good day.

I went to work.

And at 8:57am received this text:

(1/2) Btw. I want u 2 know im healthy. On way 2 movie & made a quick stop by the e.r. On accounta my chest hurting & stuff. They did ekg & said my heart was

(2/2) perfect : ) they gave me med 4 acid reflux. Didnt want 2 worry u.

At 8:57am I called my husband and, as all my coworkers on the third floor can attest, gave my husband a few choice words.

New rule #1: tell your wife, immediately, if you think you are having a heart attack.

New rule #2: never use "BTW" again, you've lost the privilege.

So, this morning I finished my call by saying "yes, I love you, but I'm so angry I can't even talk to you." Tonight, I'm thinking of sending him back to the ER with a concussion...

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