Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Escape Artist

In hindsight I see that Spartacus had this all planned... It happened so fast.

"Go to bed Spartacus" I said as we approached the front door. Standard routine for leaving the house... And Spartacus always heads down the hall to my (his) bedroom.

But today he did a fake-out, made a sharp left, took Siobain down at the knees and slid out the front door. I think we were all stunned for a moment, Siobain sitting in the open doorway... Spartacus gone from site.

He was standing in the neighbors front lawn, staring back, waiting for us to see him before he ventured further.

It was too pretty of a day. I knew we weren't going to win, so we all got into the car and I called out to him...

He was totally on fire today. Caitlin called him "Spartypants" because he was being such a smarty-pants. Usually he clamors to the front seat, making it easy to grab his collar and escort him back into the house... Today he went to the very back of the minivan, he was going for the drive!

Such fun! He was so excited and his good mood rubbed off on all of us. It's going to be a great day!

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