Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food for thought...

Ive been ill again, finally made an appointment with a professional. I was fascinated by two sites while waiting my turn with the doctor.

First, they fed the fish. None of them seemed very good at finding/eating the fish food... And then this one started sucking in pebbles. He'd take two or three at a time and then spit them out a few seconds later. I thought this was a brain damaged fish... But Nissa tells me that lots of fish do this.

As the fish was spitting out rocks the second site walked up to the tank. She was maybe three years old, adorable, and chatting away to a mother I couldn't see.

As I watched this cute little girl put her cute little finger in her cute little nose... And then put a "cute" little booger in her cute little mouth.

"Take your fingers out of your mouth" the invisible mother instructed calmly.

This gave me pause. I probably would have said "don't eat your boogers." But then I'd be embarrassed, my child might be embarrassed, and anyone who didn't already see it would then know that boogers were being consumed.

Her way was so much better. She could teach her daughter privately that boogers aren't food.

Food for thought...

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