Wednesday, February 27, 2013

iPhone Pinball

Addictive... But just not the same.

In the dark, huge, packed (and a little scary) basement of my Grandma's house was the best toy ever! A full size pinball machine!!

It was Uncle Denny's and it was awesome. He'd rigged it so that we didn't need quarters to play. I always felt a little... risqué when we played, it's motif included half-naked buxom beauties.

I visited Grandma for one week while I was in college. It was the last time I spent with her while she was still mostly lucid. I thank God that I had that special time with her.

Anyway, while I was there I so desperately wanted to check out the old pinball machine... I didn't, I felt silly seeking it out at that age, ha(!), an old college student.

Now, a week from my 39th birthday, I wouldn't feel too old at all. I'd open that door in the kitchen, turn on the light, clamor down the stairs, and plow my way to that machine.

Maybe that's what we'll do for my party, find a place with old-school pinball machines and have a battle.

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  1. Oh how I miss pinball machines. Well, arcades really, where they had a half dozen pinball machines lined up along a dark wall. The ones you find in the bowling alley or the "family fun centers" just aren't the same.

    We had a jukebox and a ping-pong table in our basement and I seriously miss them!