Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hubby and I play a game.

Basically, one if us will say something stupid or obvious and the goal is to 1) not laugh and 2) reply (on topic) with something more stupid or obvious.

I only play this game with hubby but today there was an opening and I automatically took it.

Boss: so, we bold the verbs on the objectives page.
Me: I think I was the only one not doing that. I got confused.
Boss: do you know what a verb is?
Me: a person, place or thing
Coworker: that's a NOUN!


So, I totally out-funnied the boss. See how that works? Here is the question... Does my coworker think I'm really stupid or did she out-funny me? Because she's Brills if she out-funnied me.

Today was crazy hair day at school...

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