Friday, October 12, 2012

Field Trip

We had a really fun team-building field trip today... Pun so intended!

We took a two hour tour of Cowboy Stadium. Now, I'm not really into football but this is a really cool building with lots of unique features. Oh, um, and it's HUGE! ha-shizzle!

If you are a big cowboys fan you should take the guided tour.

The end of the tour takes us out on the field. Half of the field was being torn down from Jones' big 50th anniversary party but we still got to toss the ball around.

Michael can really toss the ball, I suck! AND no one was rolling video when I caught the ball, with my ass on the wrong side of balance and I, gracefully and in slow motion, fell onto my bum. Never let go of the ball though!

Wish hubby had been with me, I think he would have had fun.

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