Saturday, October 20, 2012


We three Medina girlies had meltdowns today. Caitlin's meltdown was this morning... And it was award winning. Honey's meltdown was this afternoon, it wasn't as flashy as Caitlin's but it lasted longer.

And mine was this evening. I pulled into the driveway, told the girlies to get out of the car and send daddy outside.

"I'm leaving. I'm going to a movie. By myself. Alone. With no one melting down." He said "ok" and slowly backed away from the car. (Just kidding about the last bit.)

I'd heard that Pitch Perfect was funny, and even if it wasn't I love A Capella, so I could at least enjoy the music.

I sat in the first seat on the first row of stadium seating... and watched with growing guilt as mother/tween pairs kept walking into the theater. I felt so selfish.

Oh well. The movie made me laugh, which I needed, and the music was fun, and I had ice cream.

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