Thursday, November 8, 2012


I've been taking the stairs this week. Trying to be good and get in a little exercise whenever I can.

I work on the 3rd floor and never realized how often I travel vertically throughout the day :)

I had to get over myself. There is no hiding the heavy breathing... But at least I'm trying.

I was on my way up the stairs and passed Edna on her way down the stairs. She is super sweet and paused to ask if I was feeling okay because I was walking funny.

LOL! I told her that's just how I have to walk the stairs. Wish I'd taken a video.

She knows I fall a lot (a lot!) and was glad I hadn't taken a tumble recently.

So now I'm a stair master and it gets easier every time!

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  1. Next stop in 2013? Why, climbing the stairs at the Empire State Building, right. Oh, and bring oxygen. lol