Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sculpture Scavenger

First Saturday free at the Nasher. I woke up at 7:30 am and decided it would be fun to get out there with the girlies today.

This was the first time we arrived as the doors were opening. Liked it so much more in the morning quiet.

First we hit the art project... A sculpture garden diorama. Caitlin suggested we combine the two to make a big one. Great idea but I felt a little bad for the families around us who's much younger kids wanted to copy Caitlin. We caused a mini riot :)

Next we checked out the Artist at Work. Michael O'Keefe was really great with all the kids. He sculpts human form heads from plaster and paint. It was totally cool (and he is totally cute!)

The current exhibits are really cool... I didn't get to see/read much because there were a couple of nude male sculptures in the rooms and Caitlin was going to have a meltdown!

When we went into the garden for the scavenger hunt, Caitlin's favorite part, I was really sad to learn that the skyroom, Tending (Blue) by James Turrell, is closed forever. James has declared the work destroyed because of the recently built skyscraper. So sad. This is one of the instillations I really love on days when there aren't many people. I'll try to find a video if the experience.

On to the hunt we went. Caitlin found all the right sculptures and it was a really nice, quiet time with my girlies.

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