Friday, December 31, 2010

Gorgeous is Gorgeous part 2

Christmas has come early in 2011. It's come before 2011 has even started! THIS is why life is so fun. I am surrounded be fantastic, amazing and hi-larious people.

1) I've just tucked the girlies into bed and walked back into the living room, we are at Gorgeous' house, and she is sitting on the sofa, pen and notebook in hand, watching Dr. Oz.

me: Are you taking notes?
G: Yes, this is my Dr. Oz binder. He has very good information.

She then reads some very interesting notes written in her book.

Note: I have just become distracted from writing this post because Dr. Oz IS facinating! I've just learned how to whiten my teeth and I will tell you how too: baking soda, juice from half a lemon, "paint" it on with a cotton ball, then brush your teeth... I might need a notebook.

2) Siobain just called Mom. She does this EVERY night. I love that. I hope my Siobain does that for me too when she's grown up.

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